Digital Delivery

In this day and age one can no longer get a disc for the software, the reason behind this is to ensure you always get the latest edition by downloading the software directly from the brands website.

When you buy a retail license you get a card with a license code and a link to the brands website.


To save you money on postage and more importantly to speed up the delivery process we simply email the Product Key License over to you within a few minutes of your purchase.


The software is downloaded directly from the brands website and all required information/instructions are emailed along with the Product Key license.

How will receive my Product Key?
The Product Key will emailed to you within seconds of you placing the order.

How long does it take for me to receive the Product Key?
Our free delivery system allows for instant and automatic allocation of your Product Key round the clock. Once you place the order and make the payment (and passes any fraud checks) the Product Key will sent to the email account almost instantly. This ensures delivery of the product key within minutes, at any time be it day or night.

What is a License/Product Key?
A License/Product Key is the serial number or product code that activates a product. This is usually a combination of numbers and letters.



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